Chickens, Farmers, and Hurricanes


The Hope Community Project Ecnomic Development Coordinator Holden Meyers sends this from the field, Gonaives, Haiti.


“Due to hurricane Matthew, I am little late on this email. This month has been fast and eventful, and looking back I think it’s best to take it in chronological order.

First, our co-op has been going through a transition period in the last several weeks. Thus far, read more →

How You Can Help After Matthew


[Les] I’ve received lots of emails and messages asking how to best help us after the hurricane. The fact is that the Gonaives area was spared heavy rains and winds. That said, the needs, especially for our Infant Formula program and the need for medicines for our clinic patients, are ongoing and often life-threatening.

If you feel led to help Haiti after the hurricane, storm relief needs are in the southern part of Haiti. Find great orgs in that area if that’s where you want to help.

If you want to help us with our ongoing infant and patient needs, the best way is money for our medical clinic: 1) Money for our infant formula program. Here is a link to an example of how it is saving lives. We can buy formula in Haiti, it’s just very expensive and out of the reach of these people.

2) Money for meds. We already spend a lot on meds for our clinic patients. Clinic patients are stretched to pay $1.25US for their doctor visit. So their visit fee includes all their meds, which we have to purchase.

So if you are inclined to help us, please use this donation site.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.

Loude Sarah

Loude Sarah

Hurricane Matthew Update


The Hope Community Project in Gonaives, Haiti was staring down the “eye” of Hurricane Matthew. The projected path as of last Sunday had the category 4 hurricane passing through the Gulf of Gonave just to the west of Gonaives. So, Luke and Julie, Katie, Caitlin, and Holden along with the Brouwer children spent two days packing up supplies to get to higher ground. After all, Gonaives has completely flooded twice in the last 12 years.

Well thankfully the storm drifted a bit westward and Gonaives was spared the worst of the storm’s ferocity. Southern Haiti on the peninsula was pretty hard hit, so keep those folks in your prayers.

Late Tuesday while still raining, the team made it back to Paradise Village and began assisting our local friends and staff as they also took measures to “weather” the storm and had to get their lives back in order.

Gonaives still had a good amount of rain and some localized flooding did occur. That usually means roads have lots of standing water and people’s home lots become flooded. It makes a huge, muddy mess.

Here are a couple of photos with more to likely come. But in the end, we are thankful for the prayers of so many and that God was pleased to spare Gonaives, which has been so hard hit in the past, from more serious flooding, damage, and loss of life.

We are already feeding some locals as street markets are obviously not back up and operating, so food is hard to come by. If you would like to contribute to help us with these and other unexpected expenses, please click on the red donate button. We thank your for your support.

Andre moved his 65 chickens into his house when the water rose

Andre moved his 65 chickens into his house when the water rose

Holden helping Andre drain water at Andre's home

Holden helping Andre drain water at Andre’s home