A Big Thank You!! to Jeff and Becky


On July 15th we took the Peters to the airport. After completing their two year commitment we were sad to see them go. It was Jeff and Becky who had expressed from day one that they didn’t think we (the Brouwers) should try to go alone, and after two years of working together in Haiti we can say with absolute certainty that they were right. They weathered a lot of transitions with our organization and our family, from the end of our involvement in the orphanage to the addition of Moses to our family.  They will be missed, the kids will miss their teacher and we will miss their wisdom and the countless ways they served. Yet, we look forward to seeing how God uses them as they go home to the States.  No one comes to Haiti and leaves the same, especially after living here. We are confident that God in His wisdom has plans to continue using this period in their lives and the heart for Haiti, its people and its challenges that have been formed during their time here. We also look forward to seeing them again as they promise to visit and as Jeff has agreed to join Hope’s board.

Jeff and Becky had the following to say about their time in Haiti and their ongoing involvement,

We think about four years ago when this ‘adventure’ really began, and we are reminded of the role so many of you played in getting us to Haiti and supporting us. You have encouraged us in so many ways. Thank you for your prayers, emails, excitement, and financial support. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being a part of this great adventure! Even though our time living in Haiti over, our commitment to Haiti and HOPE Community Project is not. We ask that you prayerfully consider joining us as we continue to support this important work financially, prayerfully, and by volunteering when needs arise.

God bless you both and thank you for everything from the Brouwers and Hope Community Project.

Becky & Jeff at the PAP Airport

Becky & Jeff at the PAP Airport

Urgent Appeal for Your Help


Friends of HOPE, we urgently need your help. As our ministry to children and families in Haiti has grown, our costs have grown.

But our giving has not. We are thankful for those who regularly donate, but right now we find ourselves in a cash crunch crisis due to some unexpected expenses.

We are asking each of you to consider a one-time gift to HOPE. Some of you can give $50 or $100. Others of you can give $500 or $1,000, or more.

Whatever you can do, we will be grateful.

We have even set up a bare bones donation site for this urgent need (it’s free of course) to make your donation experience quick and easy. You can also mail a check. The address is: HOPE, 135 West Adams Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122.

DONATE ONLINE AT donatetohope.org

Our ministry in Haiti is thriving and growing, kids are going to school, jobs are being created, the clinic has served over 2400 people! Lives are being changed- We don’t want to have to cut back our ministry, but we may have no alternative. Will you help us?

Thank you for your consideration.


Salt and Eggs? Or Salty Eggs?


Hope Community Project is committed to the prevention of economic orphans. Our approach is to come along side financially struggling families and help them in three ways: education sponsorships for the children, health care for the family, and economic development which puts them on the road to self-sustainability.

In this update, we want to focus on economic development. Meaningful work that pays.

Dakoune with some of her salt product

Dakoune with some of her salt product

Dakoune is a single mom caring for 11 people, including of course her own as well as some nieces and nephews who have lost both parents. She has worked for a long time collecting sea salt to sell in the street markets. Holden Meyers, our Economic Development Coordinator, has been working with Dakoune to help her expand her salt business. And Dakoune’s sea salt business is now thriving! She has successfully sold hundreds of dollars of salt to our visiting teams who have gotten the chance to meet her family. Currently, we are exploring more opportunities to begin selling her salt in the states. This will significantly increase Dakoune’s income and change her life considerably. Dakoune is working towards saving money to purchase the land she currently rents. She is making large steps towards financial independence and is progressively learning more and more about managing her business. As we work to make Dakoune’s sea salt more readily available, we will be sure to let you know how you can purchase some.

The egg co-op team

The egg co-op team

We are also working hard to help some families get in the egg business. Hope Cooperative Project is in full swing. We have just completed all four chicken coops, custom built for individual’s homes. Holden has been meeting weekly with the “egg co-op” team for training. They are learning the essentials of being a good employee, how to managing their money wisely, what it means to take ownership in their work, and work together as a team. Our team is thrilled to be involved in this business and is eager to get to work. In five short weeks, our five employees begin making a steady wage. In just eight weeks, our business will be fully operational.

We are thankful for the incredible efforts of Dakoune, the egg co-op team, and Holden. Lives are literally being changed for the better.

Thank you too for your prayers and financial support. We cannot do what we do without you. To be honest, we are a small non-profit with huge opportunities before us. Struggling families like these are all around us. Would you be able to help us financially? A donation of any amount would be so appreciated.

Watch for our next update on Hope Medical!