Our Chicken/Egg Cooperative Update


As our cooperative project approaches one year of business, we, at Hope Community Project, have shifted focus to the expansion of existing farms, as well as extension to other members of the community. The cooperative has made a significant impact on the families involved, but our prayer for the future is for this business to have an influence on the greater community.

Partnering with the cooperative, we were able to purchase an incubator system to help our farmers expand their flocks and grow their businesses. These incubators have the ability to hold 84 eggs, making bird renewal quick and efficient. Raising birds with a shared incubator saves farmers 30% on each chicken as compared to buying mature chickens. By the end of the year, this incubator system will allow the co-op to expand and provide a steady and sustained process for renewing each farmers chickens as their chickens grow past laying age.

As part of our continuing efforts to support these family farms, we have encouraged opportunities for children in the families to learn and work alongside their parents. We invite particularly the young men in the families to be a part of the daily responsibilities of the farm, and to learn the business functions of the cooperative.

Andre’s son, Deroudson, Mathenise’s son, Bedjelson, and Madam Poulin’s grandson, Saggy have all taken advantage of this opportunity to work and learn. Each afternoon these boys care for the chickens, and right now are learning about the incubation process. Because these boys are receiving an education as part of  Hope Community Project’s school sponsorship program, these young men have even taken on the bookkeeping responsibilities, as this is one of the big challenges for their less educated parents.

Hope Community Project believes investing in the children of our community is extremely important. For our cooperative, investing in these young men is an investment in the business’ future. The ability to learn a trade here in Haiti is invaluable. The opportunity for these children to be directly involved in successful work positively affects their outlook on the future.

It is an exciting time to be involved with the work Hope Community Project is doing. The ministry is thriving and looking to spread support across an entire community. We look forward to big things this fall from the farmers in our community, and are eager to share their ongoing successes with you.

Holden Meyers narrates this short video update where you can see the co-op in action. Thanks to Brandan Haskell for producing the video. Enjoy!

Haitians Who Make it Possible-Mary Loude


Hope Community Project has been working and ministering in Haiti for over seven years now. Of the many blessings we have received while there, none stands out more than the relationships we have formed with local Haitian people. Periodically we want to highlight some of those wonderful people we have met and continue to work with in some way.

Julie Brouwer writes of Mary Loude,

Mary Loude

Mary Loude works with us and really makes sure everything around the house gets done. Trust us when we say, we would not be able to function without her. She makes sure we are well fed by cooking three meals a week for us. She washes our laundry twice a week, which is no small task considering there are nine of us. She cleans the house and goes to the market every week to buy food. She is married to Mathias who works at Paradise Village. You can almost always find her singing or cutting up with Modeline or one of us while she cooks. She is quite the funny character and we truly value her willingness to serve us week in and week out.

If you have been on one of our trips to Haiti and experienced what everyday life is like and how difficult it often can be, then you know how valuable and vital Mary Loud is for us. Our US folks living there work long days and often 6 plus days each week. Mary Loude serves and does so with great joy.

Your tax-deductible donations help us to serve along side Mary Loude as we together serve her community, helping children get to go to school, providing much needed medical care at a nominal cost to Haitians, and as with Mary Loude, helping Haitians find meaningful work so they can more and more provide for their own needs. All this so moms and dads can keep their children with them.

Please consider an ongoing donation or a one time donation to help us continue to serve the people of Gonaives.

And if you are in the St. Louis area, sign up to play in or sponsor our annual KeanyShack golf tourney fundraiser. Lots of fun and for our great cause.

More Fun Than Should Be Allowed. But We Will Anyway-For Charity!


KeaneyShack 2017

From the Keane Insurance Group:

Registration for the 2017 KeaneyShack Golf Tournament (June 5) is now open. “More fun than should be allowed on a golf course,” is the best description that comes to mind. Our tourney raises money for The HOPE Community Project, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the James E. Hofer (MGMA) Scholarship fund. This is more than just a tournament, it’s our way of helping to change the world for the better!

Please consider joining us as a participant, sponsor, or volunteer. We have incredible giveawaysawesome prizesfrosty beverages, and delicious food! We would appreciate anything you can do to help. Find out more at our registration site:  KeaneyShack 2017

In the wise words of Carl Spackler, “We can do that. We don’t even need a reason.”

But we actually do have good reasons, one of which is helping families in Haiti. Sign up today!