Berlange Jean

Singing Rooster Coffee

Make your coffee purchases count! We’ve been working in Haiti since 2010, and we’ve teamed with Singing Rooster because we have the same goal: a brighter future for Haiti’s people. All proceeds from your coffee purchase support our efforts and provide direct support for Haitian farmers.

Summit Community Church

Summit Community Church is an evangelical church with several locations throughout the St. Louis metro area and has been involved with HOPE since 2013.

Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church

The vision of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church is to be a Gospel driven community of love and unity that mirrors the relationships within the Trinity, encouraging many to believe in Christ, thrive in his church and change the world.

Stanford Dental

Dr. James Stanford has been serving St. Louis smiles since beginning his practice in 1985. He and his wife enjoyed the benefits of raising their four daughters here in the Midwest. Dr. Stanford graduated from Carrolton High School in Carrolton, MO in 1977, before receiving his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Westminster College in Fulton, MO. He then graduated dental school in the top 10% of his class at UMKC dental school in 1985, and moved to St. Louis to start his practice upon graduation. Dr. Stanford is committed to offering excellent dental services by investing in continuing education and new technologies. He strives to stay updated on the changing dental environments. Dr. Stanford and his staff enjoy giving back to the community. All the proceeds from Dr. Stanford’s competition BBQ Team (Chomper’s) are given to the Haiti Orphan Project.

Smile Squared

Eric Cope founded Smile Squared in hopes of giving children their smiles back. Millions of children in the United States and around the world lack access to basic oral healthcare — or even a simple toothbrush! Our buy-one, give-one philosophy ensures your purchase has a direct impact. Any time you buy a Smile Squared toothbrush, we’ll send one to a child in need. Together, we can take a small step for big change.