UPDATE. As of August 1, 2014, 74 children still need sponsors so they can attend school this fall. It’s only $20 per month. That’s about $0.66 per day for you and me.

Read on to see what your $20 per child provides and consider sponsoring one or more of these “neediest of the needy.” A link is below where you can set up a monthly withdrawal.

The schools we build will serve the orphans and children from the surrounding community.

There it is. Part of our vision. Part of our mission. Why? First, the pastor and church leaders desperately want to provide a solid education in a gospel context to the children living in the surounding community. It’s not really OUR vision. It’s theirs. We’re just serving alongside to help bring it about.

But second, most of the kids in the community cannot get an education. What few schools there are cost too much. It’s simply out of reach. And a generation loses out on learning to read, write, do math, etc. How can they ever help change their country?

So Village de Vie has a school. But can you imagine living so close to the school and not being able to send your child there because it costs too much? Well, I know that does happen here in the US with private schools. But when the cost to you would be about $10 per month?

That’s exactly the situation for most in the community around Village de Vie (VdV). The school opened in October with a capacity of 240 children. After making room for the kids of VdV, that means there’s space for 180 community kids to come and receive a solid, Christian education. That’s the hope and desire of the Philadelphia Evangelical Church, sponsors of VdV and the school.

Village de Vie School

Village de Vie School

But so far, only about 40 community kids can afford to go. Most in the village just do not have the money for even two meals a day, let alone education. They have to choose. Food or school? They choose food.

Well we want to change that. We are launching Tuition for Transformation. Tuition for Transformation is a means where we, you and HOPE, can sponsor community children to attend school. Scholarships.

The total cost is only $20 per month for education (the annual fee, tuition, books, supplies, teachers, etc.) and one meal per day at school (which will mean that some of these children will then get 2 meals on school days).

Will you consider becoming a partner in educating these precious Haitian children? Your $20 each month will mean the world to these children.

You can sponsor monthly or quarterly. Thank you for your help.

If you want to see what it’s like in the community around VdV, watch this short video, Driving Thru Haiti. These are the children we are trying to help attend school.