(This is a repost from earlier this year.)

Great question. Arthur Sido went with us in January 2011, a trip that cost him about $1,000. He recently had an opportunity to talk about Haiti and orphan care and of course his trip. Arthur got one question that is worth a good answer. Arthur recounts:

One good friend asked if it made sense to go on these trips that cost around $1000. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just give the $1000 to the Haiti Orphan Project?

His answer is exactly right:

Here is how I look at it. These trips are life and outlook changing for the people who go on them. It radically alters how you view missions and mercy work forever. So in a way, yeah it makes more sense to send a donation instead of going yourself. That money would feed a whole bunch of orphans for a long time. On the other hand, going on these trips makes Haiti a part of who you are. Once you are actually there and see what is going on, it gets into your spirit. The people who come back are transformed and tend to talk to lots of other Christians about the need. Rather than one person giving a one time donation, you hopefully end up with a bunch of people catching a vision, looking outside of their comfortable lives and comfortable churches. Sending a one time donation is great and I encourage people to do so but I also strongly encourage folks to go, see and serve, even in a very small way. Reading about orphans in the Bible is one thing. Hearing someone talk about orphans in Haiti is another. Having real orphans hold your hands, sit on your lap and smile at you in an orphanage in a devastated nation? That is something that never leaves you and creates a drive in you to tell others. That is how a vision is spread, that is how the church is going to be shaken from our apathy and that is how God is creating a movement among His people to turn our focus toward the least of these. (bold added)


I could not say it better. Are you interested in going and seeing and experiencing, and then telling others? Learn more about trips to Haiti with the Haiti Orphan Project. There are many things in life we all do and regret later. Being part of Haiti orphan care is not one of them.