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Three and a half years ago HOPE Community Project came into being after deciding we could no longer, in good conscience, remain a part of the orphanage system in Haiti. We have since operated on rented, begged and borrowed space to run our programs. Early in 2017 we realized that we were in a situation where the lack of proper facilities was limiting our program development and implementation. In addition, hosting HOPE’s offices in the Brouwer’s living room just wasn’t a reasonable solution. 

A change is in sight! 

HOPE has purchased land! We now own nearly 2 acres on two adjacent parcels. We have completed a comprehensive design process and are in the final preparations to begin construction! The first and larger lot will be focused on the community with a medical clinic, a community/education center, a recreation/soccer field, a 3 on 3 half basketball court and other supporting facilities. The second lot will be the HOPE Headquarters and Economic Center, which will contain offices for our programs including KOPEDAG (the poultry cooperative), staff apartments and guest housing.

We are excited about developing the project and having our own facilities, but we are also excited about how we have chosen to go about construction. We are working with Mark Gilbert, a dear friend with a background in construction and development both stateside and in Haiti, to design and manage the project. We have also hired two Haitian civil engineers with backgrounds in managing community-based construction projects alongside American organizations. The goal is to use the project as both an educational and economic opportunity for our community. This construction project is an incredible opportunity to teach people in our community ways to improve building practices and improve or develop the skills necessary to make them more marketable as tradesmen.Construction requires working hands and there are many people in our community desperate for work. Therefore, instead of hiring an outside firm to build, we are committed to using as much labor as possible from the local community, where we live and work. We are looking forward to the new facilities. However, we have learned that the process is as important as the product and we deeply desire the community to benefit from the process as well. We have learned how important that is to positive community engagement and ownership!

Below are conceptual site plans of these exciting facilities for the community and HCP.

What will be the Economic Impact on the local Communities during construction?

  • 40-50 local community members will be hired on a weekly basis performing foundation preparation, masonry, carpentry, metal work, electrical, plumbing and even cooking (a meal will be furnished to the working crew each day). Work crews will be rotated on a regular basis to allow all wishing and able to work the opportunity to do so.
  • Every aspect of the project will be constructed on site including fabrication of metal work, doors, cabinetry and furnishings. This allows us to provide community tradespeople an opportunity to work and to teach others their trade.
  • Approximately $60,000 US dollars will be infused directly into the hands of the community over the 1 ½ year construction period. In a country where the average income is said to be a little as 2 dollars a day, this is a significant economic impact.

What will be the ongoing benefits to the local community and HOPE once the project is completed?

Beyond the current programs that HOPE has developed and maintains, information on which is available at, the additional benefits will include:

  • Expanded Medical Services to the local Communities – The combination of a larger Medical Clinic and Team Housing will allow Hope to increase the number of medical, dental and specialty medical teams that come to Haiti to work with HOPE Clinic’s Haitian staff to provide training and services.
  • Increased Community Education – The Community Center will provide opportunity for increasing Hope’s current efforts in health education and adult literacy. Programs being explored include dental care, managing personal finances, trade skills training, dealing with hyper tension, water and sanitation concerns and practices, etc. The list is endless!
  • Community Events and Recreation – The Haitian people love to gather and celebrate life through events and recreation. Many communities lack the physical space to do so. The Community Center and recreation fields will be available for groups, teams and families to reserve for these types of activities.
  • Improved sustainability for Hope’s Programs – Though Hope has developed a wonderful support base for its efforts in Haiti, there is always need and as such, avenues to generate revenue are important. HOPE has had significant interest in out dorm facilities from partner organizations and other teams and we estimate that this income will provide more than enough funds to maintain the new facilities and the surplus will help support new programing.

What will the project cost?

Hope Community and Economic Center

Development Budget

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Photos From the November 2018 Groundbreaking