Faces of the People We Serve


These are the very real people we serve. They get to go to school. They receive medical care. Their families are making wages on their own. Our supporters make this possible. We thank you. They thank you. We still need your help. They still need your help. Simply put, without your financial gifts we couldn’t do what we do. Will you help us reach our year end goal of $50,000 in gifts which will be matched 2 for 1? There’s still time. Click HERE or on the red donate button on our website. With much gratitude.

Merry Christmas from Haiti!


[From Julie] All December I’ve been thinking about how to write something. We didn’t send out Christmas cards- it’s too hard from Haiti and I’m just not that on top of it.

Decembers have been significant in Haiti. Really really hard stuff has happened in Decembers here. It’s the month we processed the pain of stepping away from an orphanage and children we love, it’s the month Moses came into our home from a box of abandonment, it’s the month we buried a baby who was left in a trash pile.

It’s the month I acutely feel how far away we are. Far from friends, family, snow, lights, carols and familiar Christmas services.

It’s also the month where amazing and beautiful things happen. Where local schools have said yes to children because education matters, it’s the month where we were able to sit down and be a part of real community meetings where all people had a voice about what they want for their Haiti. It’s the month our family gets to take a vacation and just rest in a place our missionary budget could never afford because of some amazingly generous friends. It’s the month most of HOPE’s support comes in, allowing us to minister another year to this community we love.

It’s the month we are reminded that our hearts are in two places because we love and feel loved by so many.

It’s the month the longing is loudest- For family and friends and the familiar. But mostly for Jesus. That’s good and beautiful, I guess. Hard but good.

So we sit in the tension. The already and the not yet. Pretty sure life is in the groaning…

We don’t live in despair for He has come.

And in despair I bowed my head;
“There is no peace on earth,” I said;
“For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men.”

Merry Christmas- loving and missing you all!

Just say no? Sometimes you just say yes!


Sometimes you just say yes.

Our scholarship program is full. Maxed out for the year.

Recently a family in our scholarship program took in 3 family members. She wasn’t able to put the kids in school but they weren’t being beaten anymore and were able to eat regularly.

When we sat down with their grandma we found out a little more.

Mom went to Chile to work to send money back to the family. Grandma found out the kids she left behind were being treated as slaves and so she took them in. Took them into her home. A house already full. A home full of grandkids as moms are in Chile looking for work. Kids who aren’t hers.

She took them anyway.

Kids need to be in school so we said yes.

We met with a local principal and she said yes too! She enrolled the kids at half price tuition and allowed them to start school without uniforms! This is unheard of but madam Benita knows the value of education and that missing a year of school can be devastating.

Now we need you to say yes. We try hard to stay within budget. We often have to say no, but we all wanted to say yes.

For us, this marks change. This is community working together. These kids aren’t restaveks (slaves) any longer. They are in a family and in school!

We need your help. We need 3 sponsors at $40/month.

And to continue to help families with education scholarships, family medical care, and economic opportunities (jobs!) we need even more help. Our double matching commitment only has 13 more days. As of December 18 we have raised just over half ($25,010) of the $50,000 we need to get the full $50,000 matching. So in the next 13 days we need $24,990 to reach our year end goal. Will you say yes to help us reach our goal? If you can help us reach our goal please CLICK HERE or on the red donate button on our website.