As our cooperative project approaches one year of business, we, at Hope Community Project, have shifted focus to the expansion of existing farms, as well as extension to other members of the community. The cooperative has made a significant impact on the families involved, but our prayer for the future is for this business to have an influence on the greater community.

Partnering with the cooperative, we were able to purchase an incubator system to help our farmers expand their flocks and grow their businesses. These incubators have the ability to hold 84 eggs, making bird renewal quick and efficient. Raising birds with a shared incubator saves farmers 30% on each chicken as compared to buying mature chickens. By the end of the year, this incubator system will allow the co-op to expand and provide a steady and sustained process for renewing each farmers chickens as their chickens grow past laying age.

As part of our continuing efforts to support these family farms, we have encouraged opportunities for children in the families to learn and work alongside their parents. We invite particularly the young men in the families to be a part of the daily responsibilities of the farm, and to learn the business functions of the cooperative.

Andre’s son, Deroudson, Mathenise’s son, Bedjelson, and Madam Poulin’s grandson, Saggy have all taken advantage of this opportunity to work and learn. Each afternoon these boys care for the chickens, and right now are learning about the incubation process. Because these boys are receiving an education as part of  Hope Community Project’s school sponsorship program, these young men have even taken on the bookkeeping responsibilities, as this is one of the big challenges for their less educated parents.

Hope Community Project believes investing in the children of our community is extremely important. For our cooperative, investing in these young men is an investment in the business’ future. The ability to learn a trade here in Haiti is invaluable. The opportunity for these children to be directly involved in successful work positively affects their outlook on the future.

It is an exciting time to be involved with the work Hope Community Project is doing. The ministry is thriving and looking to spread support across an entire community. We look forward to big things this fall from the farmers in our community, and are eager to share their ongoing successes with you.

Holden Meyers narrates this short video update where you can see the co-op in action. Thanks to Brandan Haskell for producing the video. Enjoy!