The HOPE Education Project

Moms and dads everywhere want the best for their child. They want the basics of life-things like food, a home and an education. An at risk family in Haiti for our ministry purposes can be defined as a parent on the verge of making one of the hardest decisions a parent will have to make…sign their child over to an orphanage. Why? Because the parents in these impoverished areas know that the children living an orphanage at least have a roof over their heads, a couple of meals each day and get to go to school. These are things many families just can’t provide.

Our Education project seeks to help these families meet these basic needs through education. We help pay the tuition, uniform and supplies costs for these at risk families thus freeing up their limited resources for other household members and other costs. A child in a good school will not only receive a good education, but at least one nutritious meal a day. In addition, Our HOPE Medical Project can provide medical checkups and health & hygiene training.

The last piece, but not the least, is an opportunity to participate in after school sports and character development programs. The whole child is our focus–physical, spiritual, and emotional.

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Get Involved


The Hope Community Project is dependent on the generous donations of people like you. When you donate, you are helping keep families together by helping a child attend school, providing basic health care and health education to these families and the community and by assisting an at risk family work to take care of themselves. Dignity is restored and the awful cycle of dependency is broken.


Haitian Creole is spoken by about 90% of Haitians. It’s usually the first language children learn. French is taught in schools and a person is not really considered educated unless he or she knows French. In addition, English is increasingly being spoken by many Haitians. Opportunities to teach children and adults English as a Second Language (ESL) are available at various times. We will make these opportunities known on our Trip Dates and FAQ page.

Come to Haiti

The Hope Community Project trips offer the opportunity to personally experience the ministry of third world orphan prevention and medical/dental clinics and to encourage our partners in Haiti. We normally have 6-8 trips each year consisting of 18-22 people. Trips are six days and will give you the opportunity to meet and spend time with children and families we are assisting, orphans in several group homes in the area, and to see what daily life is like for Haitians and our team living there. Some of our trips include opportunities to participate in mobile medical clinics we conduct. We welcome medical professionals and you too! Every clinic needs a number of non-medical professionals to help in numerous capacities.  Learn more or sign up for a trip here.


Behind all we do is the recognition that we can do nothing on our own and must constantly be reminded that we depend on God to provide. Therefore the most significant thing you can do to support our work is to pray. Pray for our team that we will continue to have both the wisdom and ability to partner with our friends and coworkers in Haiti to alleviate poverty and assist the development of a thriving and sustainable community. Pray for the orphans and poor of Haiti. Pray for continued resources for HOPE. Pray for our team members by name. And of course, pray about how God might be calling you to be involved in this ministry.