The HOPE Medical Project

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The HOPE Medical Project

The HOPE Medical Project serves the medical needs of the deeply impoverished at-risk children and orphans in the local community. We are committed to creating a permanent presence in our target community of Gonaives and to providing ongoing mobile clinics in support of a variety of ministry partners representing communities in need.

Medical/Health Issues in Haiti

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas. Around three-quarters of the country’s 10 million inhabitants live on less than $2 per day, which means that when Haitians get sick, many can’t afford the transportation to reach a local clinic or the medicines and healthcare they need.

Critical health issues:

  • more than one in three Haitians die from a preventable disease
  • nearly one in ten children will likely die before they reach the age of five.
  • infant mortality rates over two-and-a-half times higher than neighboring countries
  • an ongoing epidemic of cholera (new to the country and exacerbated by lack of basic sanitation and potable water)
  • overall the worst health conditions in the region including the highest rates of maternal mortality, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS

In addition, there is an ongoing need for basic medical care for illnesses such as malaria, anemia, high blood pressure (stroke is the number one killer of adults in Haiti) as well as general illnesses and basic wound care.

Our mission is to develop a semi-sustainable health clinic staffed by a Haitian doctor. The desire is to create a model which is small, community-focused, and encourages the use of Haitian resources and community involvement. The clinic is intended to meet the needs of this very under-educated, under-resourced community. There are basic medical needs, such as treatment of intestinal parasites, viral and bacterial infections, fungal issues, cholera and anemia, as well as educational needs such as crucial pre- and post-natal care. As the target population lives in extreme poverty and sustainability is a primary objective, the clinic will not function as a hospital in terms of dealing with more specialized medical treatments and surgeries. Our desire is to develop relationships with the existing hospitals in Gonaives for such services. To supplement we will continue to have the support of physicians coming from the US.

Our goal is to facilitate the development of a Haitian-run practice, where patients within our target communities pay a small fee per visit. The fees will be used to help offset the Haitian salaries and direct overhead expenses.  

Mobile clinics take place in community hubs such as schools and churches. For many of Haiti’s poor, mobile medical clinics are their only access to medical care. Our team in Haiti, working with local community leaders with whom we have relationships, will identify under-served areas that would benefit from health services and spread the word that the team will be conducting a mobile clinic. Our mobile medical teams also consistently serve the medical needs of several orphanages with which we have relationships. When a team of clinicians and volunteers set up on location they register patients, provide check-ups, and prescribe treatments or refer them to follow-up care at local clinics and hospitals. Mobile clinics often reach the most vulnerable people—those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to health care.

We have the privilege of partnering with the Association Des Jeunes Medecins Et Infirmiers De’L  Artibonite (Association of Young Doctors and Nurses of the Artibonite), an association of young Haitian doctors and nurses who volunteer their time to provide free clinics in some of the poorest communities in the Artibonite region (the department in which Gonaives lies). Several times each year, these medical professionals donate their weekends to running mobile medical clinics, usually seeing 200+ patients and bringing basic healthcare to the poorest of the poor. Hope Medical supports these efforts by providing medicines, diagnostic equipment, transportation, and their experience in administrating these events.

In a country where the educated often look down on the poor they are called to treat, it is our pleasure to partner with an organization of young Haitian professionals with a heart for Haiti’s poor.  As an organization they have spent two years trying to raise the funds to run their first four mobile clinics.  We’re excited to get behind this group and help bring their dreams to fruition.

Get Involved


The Hope Community Project is dependent on the generous donations of people like you. When you donate, you are helping keep families together by helping a child attend school, providing basic health care and health education to these families and the community and by assisting an at risk family work to take care of themselves. Dignity is restored and the awful cycle of dependency is broken.

Provide Supplies

Our HOPE Medical Project team is always in need of certain items commonly used in the course of the day. You can help by providing some of these items which we will send to Haiti with our mission teams. Please drop off or send these items to: HOPE, 135 West Adams Avenue, Kirkwood, MO 63122. Click here to see a list of items that we have an ongoing need for. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Come to Haiti

The Hope Community Project trips offer the opportunity to personally experience the ministry of third world orphan prevention and medical/dental clinics and to encourage our partners in Haiti. We normally have 6-8 trips each year consisting of 18-22 people. Trips are six days and will give you the opportunity to meet and spend time with children and families we are assisting, orphans in several group homes in the area, and to see what daily life is like for Haitians and our team living there. Some of our trips include opportunities to participate in mobile medical clinics we conduct. We welcome medical professionals and you too! Every clinic needs a number of non-medical professionals to help in numerous capacities.  Learn more or sign up for a trip here.


Behind all we do is the recognition that we can do nothing on our own and must constantly be reminded that we depend on God to provide. Therefore the most significant thing you can do to support our work is to pray. Pray for our team that we will continue to have both the wisdom and ability to partner with our friends and coworkers in Haiti to alleviate poverty and assist the development of a thriving and sustainable community. Pray for the orphans and poor of Haiti. Pray for continued resources for HOPE. Pray for our team members by name. And of course, pray about how God might be calling you to be involved in this ministry.