We are pleased to announce that Brenna Robertson has officially joined the Hope Community Project team as our Grant Writing Coordinator. Brenna has been working as an intern during this summer of 2018 for the Keane Insurance Group, and so was brought in on several Keane Group sponsored fundraising events. She has proved herself quite skilled in so many ways and is a tireless worker. We saw incredible potential for Brenna joining HOPE in this significant role.

Brenna is an undergraduate student at the University of Tulsa. She is pursuing a degree in Business as well as a Not-for-Profit Administration certificate. She learned about Hope Community Project her senior year in high school while volunteering at the 2nd annual wine tasting fundraiser. Her interest was sparked when she found out that HOPE works to keep children in the home with their families instead of ending up institutionalized in orphanages. One year later, she found her way back to HOPE in the form of a summer internship with Keane Insurance Group. That internship was the beginning of her further investment in helping Haitian families.  

Her heart for children in difficult situations fits perfectly with the mission of Hope Community Project. Brenna is excited to help support our organization in any way possible. She is dedicated to finding and raising funds so that Haitian families have the chance to succeed together.  Brenna writes:

There is so much brokenness in the world…what if together we can help eliminate the pain of many by helping just one family? I believe that one person can make a difference in the world. No matter how small one act may be, that one act can touch another life and then that life can impact another life, and it goes on and on. I look forward to helping find solutions for families in Haiti. My work with HOPE will not only help Gonaives, Haiti, but one day I hope to take what I learn to other communities to increase the impact that Hope Community Project has on the world.

Welcome Brenna!