Why Visit

The Hope Community Project trips offer the opportunity to personally experience the ministry of third world orphan prevention and medical/dental clinics and to encourage our partners in Haiti.

Our trips are six days, usually Wednesday through Monday. We’ll leave early on a Wednesday morning, meet in Miami or Atlanta (depending on the airline we use) and fly into Port-au-Prince as a group. We’ll make it to our destination, the Paradise Village Inn in Gonaives, in time for dinner.

Paradise Village Inn in Gonaives is where we will spend most of our nights in Haiti. It is owned by a Haitian-American couple who operate the inn as a means of income to support their school, The Belle Angel School in Gonaives.

On our vision trips, you’ll spend time with our team on the ground learning about what we are doing to help prevent orphans…to keep families together. You will experience our ministry model of coming along side “at risk” families. You will visit our medical clinic and see why health care and health education are so vital to holding families together. You will get to look in on our job-creating ministry and actually see how it is transforming lives. Part of your time will be spent with the families and children we serve in our education sponsorship project, playing games, dancing, and playing sports. We will also visit one or two of our partners outside Gonaives to learn how our ministry is touching other communities. You will get to worship with the local church in Haiti and all this with the backdrop of the sights and sounds of Haiti.

In addition, some of our trips will include mobile medical/dental clinics as part of our HOPE Medical Project. You need not be a medical professional to participate in the medical clinics (there is always a need for “helpers” during the clinics). But if you are a medical professional we welcome your participation on these trips. Medical trips will also get a flavor of our ministry model through the course of the trip.

While part of our goal is to bless the families we serve, we are more often the recipient of the blessing. God is transforming lives (our lives and the families) through our ministry of orphan prevention.